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Top JS Frameworks Used By Dating Apps Today

In the world of online dating, JavaScript is a central part of how apps and sites function. In the USA alone, there are over 5 million people using online dating services . Not only does good technology help users interact with one another more fluidly, it also helps attract new customers so it makes sense that sites trying to stand out from the crowd have invested in the best JavaScript frameworks to empower their apps.

We’ve compiled a list of the top dating sites that use modern JS frameworks, this is not an exhaustive list but it should cover most bases.

ChickTok – Angular

Chicktok’s app¬†helps you get nude TikTok videos from local girls, find casual hookups, and more! It’s like TikTok, but made for adults to share homepage XXX content and find each other for sex. with ChickTok uses Angular to power their website and parts of the iOS/Android apps.

Tinder – React

When it comes to dating apps, Tinder has won the name of ‘ultimate hookup app’ with its geo-location based feed and one of the most popular features is swiping through potential matches. Tinder is now using React Native which allows you to use the same code base for both iOS and Android versions.

Hinge – Angular

Hinge was set up with the aim of helping users find relationships which last more than just one night. With a focus on quality rather than quantity, Hinge is using Angular to power their website and add additional functionality to current features.

Match.com – Ember.js

Match.com entered the world of online dating back in 1995, 5 years before tinder was even founded. Today it’s one of the biggest sites around and still growing thanks to their focus on providing a great experience backed up by their Ember.js powered backend.

OkCupid – React + Redux

Okcupid has grown into one of the biggest free dating apps available due to their focus on matching users based on the answers to a series of questions and then tailoring what kind of profiles they see. Using React Native, OkCupid has been able to add sketch-cards giving you a sneak peek at potential matches.


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